Hello world!

What’s up.

A little about myself.

I was a professional modern dancer for a couple years.

I studied dance in college, and have always had a passion for it. However, I knew coming out of college that dance was not a viable option financially. There was a period of time spent doing odd internships here and there. I learned a lot from those experiences, and found career paths that were incompatible. It was time to take a step back, and take a deep breath.

Growing up, I had always loved technology. I remembered the good ole’ Windows 95 that sat in my mom’s office, just waiting to be tinkered with. I remember sneaking into her office during forbidden hours in order to play a few rounds of Age of Empires, only to be caught and grounded shortly after. My parents had always been technologically impaired, and they told me that programming was reserved for those who had the IQ of Einstein. Basically, only geniuses could learn to code. So, I grew up with that thought in my mind.

Throughout the years, I’ve experienced the technological revolution of the internet, and how it has mobilized the way we interact with ourselves, each other, and the world as a whole. It has truly been a thrilling ride, and it is extremely exciting to see this change. The future of technological innovation holds great promises, especially in the realm of mobile computing. This is why I decided to dip my toes in coding.

I started with simple languages. HTML/CSS. Very limited, but very important and functional. From there on, I dabbled a little in other languages that were much more complex. They proved to be a huge jump, both in syntax and concept. However, the process of coding is something that surprised me. It’s almost like solving a puzzle every time, and each time – the puzzle is a little different. It’s always a challenge, and you never know what you have to utilize with the tools that you are given. It requires both immense creativity and logical skills. This was when I realized that a career in coding could be a possibility for me.

Due to my interests in mobile apps, I will look into Objective C – and eventually Swift!! However, I will not stop there. Being a programmer means so much more than simply churning out software, it means having the ability to impact users around the world. New technologies are constantly on the horizon, and these innovations become the building blocks for software engineers. We have the power to take these blocks and build beautiful, functional, and enchanting applications.

I look forward to the challenges that are yet to come!

Bring it on!


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