Programming Dreams

There’s something so fulfilling about churning out code, even in its most simplest structures. I believe that this is the joy of creation. It takes an enormous amount of logic, problem solving, and creativity.

To be quite honest, this is similar to dancing in the mind. I was a professional dancer and took it seriously throughout high school, college, and the first couple years after that. I have, and still am affected by choreographic thinking. It actually compliments the development process of code quite well. I find myself conscious about UI/UX before writing the code. I am also more aware of the structure and modulability of my code. It’s a very nice perspective to have, and I hope to continually improve upon it.

Another week, another rollercoaster of emotional lows and highs as I continue to navigate the landscape of coding concepts. It has been challenging, but extremely rewarding. I decided to begin with the C programming language. Some individuals may wonder why C is so important if iOS Apps are programmed mostly in Objective-C (and Swift ), and there is a very good reason for this:

Objective-C is a superset of C. This means that all the features of the C language are available within Objective-C. Therefore, it only makes sense to have a general understanding of C, as this will provide greater understanding of the features in Objective-C.


Over and out!


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