Accepted into App Academy’s Prep!

My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw the email! App Academy is one of the most selective software engineering bootcamps in the world, and as such, even acceptance into their bootcamp preparation program caused a surge of adrenaline! Alright, time to calm down.

I applied for this program because it focused on Javascript and bootcamp preparations. Just what I needed. My eyes are set for the top Javascript bootcamps, and I know I have what it takes to get in. The prep training takes place on weekday evenings from 6 to 8, and cover various aspects of Javascript. As preparation for the preparation, I have completed the Code Academy intro course on Javascript, and have since started on the Team Tree House Javascript track. After that, I plan on completing the Ruby tracks are various websites and commence working on code challenges for both Ruby and Javascript language. Though my focus is on Javascript, I couldn’t stop the temptation of Ruby. It has such a alluring name, and it’s another interesting language with powerful capabilities. Being a programmer means never graduating from your craft, and becoming a lifelong learner. It’s one of the reasons why I have such a passion for code.

It’s been great breathing code 16 hours a day. This is the daily time required to go through all the online courses before prep classes begin. Most of the time, I simply lose track of time. After all, JavaScript is a fun language!

De-stressing with a meditation session is always nice, or a dance class here and there works too. Sometimes I forget that there’s still a dancer in this coder.

I’ve realized that I’ve created a small “prep bootcamp” for the actual prep classes, but it’s the smartest way to go. I want to show up ready to solidify concepts, and take in new practices and challenges. I don’t want to show up and learn something that could have easily been done at home. In fact, this is the reason many of the top tier coding bootcamps have pre-work requirements. While it’s wonderful to be in a structured environment with peers, one has to have the discipline of being independent and assertive when needed. This carries over to the professional life as well.

So this is my goal. I have two weeks to blast through Javascript and Ruby on the popular beginner sites before the prep classes begin. This would have been an impossible task if I were a complete beginner. Thankfully, my past experiences are already showing as I am much more comfortable with the general programming concepts explained in newer language and syntax.

During the prep classes, which last for about four weeks – I will do countless code challenges in my off time, preparing for the challenges during the admissions process. I am very excited to begin, and this is definitely a new chapter in my journey as a programmer.


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