One Language To Rule Them All!

Though I grasp Objective-C and Swift syntax at fairly comfortable levels, I do not feel complete as a developer. I’ve had very little Javascript experience. It’s a language that has presence in every facet of the digital age. We use it as a language to program for front end development, creating beautiful reactive websites that inspire and captivate users. Additionally, the advent of Node.js and various other frameworks have given the language server side power, with countless tech giants using it with their databases. Javascript is the future, and the future is now.

With ECMAScript6, Javascript has become extremely powerful. It is the only cross-browser scripting language, is used in Unity3D, used as a backend language, and used as a language to control hardware. It has ridiculous utility. Google, Apple, and Mozilla are even competing to build the fastest Javascript interpreter.

Node.js, React.js, Backbone.js, and Meteor.js are examples of extremely powerful frameworks that have allowed JavaScript to permeate through multiple platforms, devices – front end and back end. 

The fact of the matter is – any programmer who doesn’t know JavaScript at a capable level should begin to learn the language. That is precisely what I am doing. This time however, I will do it with efficiency (see my previous post about self-learning). I have decided to apply to a strong Javascript bootcamp that offers tons of pair programming, projects, and most important – brings real challenges and rigor through the curriculum. I will not repeat the same experience I had trying to self-study again.

Thankfully, JavaScript will be my third language. As such, the core concepts of higher level programming have become familiar thanks to Objective-C and Swift. The Code Academy course was a breeze, and it felt good to feel the ease. The prepping begins now. More on this in the next post!


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